There is a lot of cool gear in the golf world that doesn’t always fit neatly into Most Wanted Tests or Buyer’s Guides. You still want to know how it performs. In our We Tried It series, we put gear to the test and let you know if it works as advertised.

Not always does every item in the game receive the objective, in-depth review it deserves. Without a doubt, some are better than others. That’s why it’s our mission to give you the inside scoop on just about everything on the market—good and bad.

So, as a year-end bonus for you, we’ve highlighted some of our favorite reviews from our 2022 We Tried It series.

Technology and Tools


A lot of golfers don’t have a clue about how far they hit their clubs. The Garmin R10 golf launch monitor provides 14 different data metrics, even with its small Doppler radar. With more than 42,000 virtual courses, tournaments and prizes available, the R10 quickly became a buzz item.

We put it to the test. Check out the results below.


Alphard CB Sidekick

In 2018, Alphard EWheels gave us the Club Booster V2 which opened the door to transforming just about any pushcart into the electric caddie we all needed. The CB came along in 2022 with a new “follow” feature that stopped us in our tracks.

Is it worth a look?


Otto: Bridgestone’s Ball Fitting Machine

It’s inarguable that the golf ball is the most important piece of equipment in your bag. But, ironically, being fitted for a golf ball hasn’t always been at the forefront of golfer’s minds. The intriguing Otto – Bridgestone is designed to fit golfers into the correct ball for their game.

Is it exclusive to Bridgestone balls? For now, yes.

Is it a step in the right direction? Let’s find out.


Sun Mountain Boom Stand Bag

Speakers on the course? Yes or no?

A lot of you had A LOT to say when we reviewed the Bluetooth Bag combo from Sun Mountain this year. Carrying your tunes along with your clubs seemed like a no-brainer to some and a nuisance to others. We examined the bag’s construction but wondered, “Is the bass enough to make even Rodney Dangerfield call for an upgrade?”


Customization and Services

Fairway Jockey

There are myriad choices for purchasing clubs, from custom fitting to big-box outlets. Now, Fairway Jockey wants to add yet another option.

For golfers who know exactly what they want and how they want it, their build process looks to be more hands-on than your local Golf Galaxy and not nearly as expensive as the Club Champion around the corner.


PING Glide Forged Pro Wedge Customizer

Our winner for the best wedge in wet conditions two years running, the Glide Forged Pro, got some extra love from the brains at PING. Entering the online club design arena gives PING a bit of edge when it comes to adding pizzazz to an otherwise reserved brand. We went for three different designs to see just how wild we could get.

Are you a fan?


Toulon Garage Putter Designer

It’s no secret that putter aesthetics have taken a leap at Toulon Garage. Finally, the sleek looks are matching the price. Options to customize include alignment scheme, weighting, shaft, grip, neck alignment and more..

Thinking about designing your own putter? We tried it out so you know what to expect.



Callaway Custom Rogue ST Driver Designer

We saw some promising performance from the Rogue driver series this year. With carbon customization hitting the market in 2022, Callaway fired back with their custom Rogue tool to appeal to golfers with a knack for design.

If you want to make your next driver truly your own, Callaway has the answer.


PING PLD Custom Putter Program

No, you can’t gold-plate them like the ones in the PING Players’ Only Gold Vault but you can experience a fitting like their staff players do, right from home. With one of the best virtual fittings available, customizing your putter with PING PLD involves more than just choosing your weights and colors.

Is it worth the price?


Training Aids

Lag Shot Driver Swing Trainer

Cue the As Seen on TV jokes.

Like the Lag Shot iron, the Lag Shot driver is a club with a little more heft and a more flexible shaft than a normal driver.

As for its purpose, Lag Shot markets the driver along the same lines as the iron, claiming it “promotes ideal tempo, sequencing throughout your golf swing and boosts lag so you can hit longer, more accurate golf shots.”

Does it live up to that boast?


PuttOut Tour Studio

The Premium Trainer from PuttOut proved to be one of the more addictive ways to practice with your flatstick. The Tour Studio pack includes a 12-foot putting mat, alignment stick set and their mirror and gate setup.

With a setup like that, your chances of shaving strokes on the course are almost guaranteed. Right?



Jordan ADG 3’s

A rare head-to-head We Tried it came about when our in-house “sneaker head” Chris Nickel heard it was time to test the Jordan ADG 3s. Chris and professional shoe tester Harry Nodwell duked it out over stability, traction and style.

Kicks for the street and the course?



Adidas Tour360 ’22 BOA

When I say BOA is a hill some are willing to die on, I’m not joking. Well, maybe just a little.

Many called the Tour360 a revolutionary shoe when it released a few years ago. It took top spot in multiple tests across men’s and women’s shoes. This year, we wondered if BOA technology was a winner for adidas and golfers alike.


NIKE Air Max 90 G


The Air Max 90 debuted in … you guessed it … 1990. Thirty years later, with the influx of younger golfers hitting the course, the demand for a shoe that can transition from the course to the clubhouse continues to grow.

With a new identity with the small addition of the letter “G” in the name, NIKE wants this to be the standard in street-to-tee options. As a bonus, it’s one of the more affordable options on the market.

(*If You Know, You Know)


FootJoy Tour Alpha Dual BOA

“If BOA was invented first, laces would have never existed.” – Tony Covey

Want to test the truth of that statement? Not one, but two, BOA closure systems are included in the 2022 Tour Alpha from FootJoy.

Progressive? Sure. Too much? Maybe.



That’s a wrap for 2022. Now 2023 is up to you. What unrecognized or unappreciated items are you seeing on the market? Let us know in the Comments what we should review next!

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