• TaylorMade launches the new Spider GTX and GT Max putters.
  • The Spider GTX adds a new weight element to the 2022 Spider GT design.
  • The Spider GT Max features innovative adjustable weight technologies.
  • Spider GTX will be available for pre-order on Jan. 19 and at retail beginning Feb. 24 with an MSRP of $349 USD. Spider GT Max arrives this spring.

Every year, TaylorMade either revises or radically redesigns their popular Spider putter. In 2023, they are doing both. Granted, accomplishing this feat does require more than one new Spider model. More Spiders? Sounds good to me. Is there really such a thing as too many new putters?

The Spider getting a revision this year is the 2022 Spider GT. The new 2023 Spider GTX retains most of its predecessor’s architecture. The body shape is mostly the same, with the new GTX featuring new colors and a new rear weighted design.

The other putter, the Spider GT Max, hides its newness a bit. At address, the Spider GT Max resembles the Spider GT Splitback. However, that similarity ends as soon as you flip the putter over and see the new adjustable weight system. No, we are not talking about the usual sole weights that swap in and out. The weights on the Spider GT Max are moveable, not removable.

This new weight scheme is a radical departure from the norm.


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TaylorMade Spider GTX

The 2022 TaylorMade Spider GT was a departure from previous Spiders. Historically, the Spider mallet is boxy with a steel ring around the perimeter and weights at the back corners. The Spider GT was much more wing-shaped. Yes, it did have a cap on top to make its all-aluminum body look solid at address. From the underside, though, it was a wing.

The main design change we see with the 2023 TaylorMade Spider GTX is that the tips of the wings are now connected by a new rear component. And a rather hefty rear component at that.

2023 TaylorMade Spider GTX: New Weight Distribution

The Spider GTX’s new 154-gram “stability bar” puts some junk in the Spider’s trunk. Its addition means that 45 percent of the head weight now is at the rear of the putter and the moment of inertia (MOI) is above 5,300.

What does this mean to you? Basically, the Spider GTX is more stable than the Spider GT and the shift in weight position will make it feel different. Moving the weighting to the rear will make the Spider GTX feel more like a Spider X or Spider Tour.

Well played, TaylorMade. Those two previous Spider models are likely the most popular Spider models to date. Having a new Spider feel more like a familiar Spider seems like a good way to tempt more people to upgrade to the new model.

2023 TaylorMade Spider GTX: Other Features

While the weighting is new, the Spider GTX retains most of the other features we saw in the Spider GT. The Pure Roll2 insert again is featured in the Spider GTX. The Spider GTX also brings back the True Path Alignment scheme. These two TaylorMade putter technologies should help you get the ball rolling—in the right direction.

The Spider GTX comes in six stock color options: white, silver, red, ice blue, pink. Hopefully, your shop has all six in stock so you can pick your favorite. The Spider GTX has three hosel options: single-bend, slant-neck, center-shafted. Yes, a stock center-shafted option.

Should that not be enough choices, the new MySpider GTX program gives you even more color and hosel options. I’m looking forward to running the MySpider GTX program through the paces.

2023 TaylorMade Spider GT Max

From the top, one could easily miss the coolness of the Spider GT Max. Like I said,  when you place it behind a ball, it looks like the Spider GT Splitback. The True Path lines are welcomed for aiming but, outside of that, it doesn’t look like anything special.

Then you flip the putter over and flip out.

The Sliding Weights of the TaylorMade Spider GT Max

Adjustable sole weights in putters are nothing new. Lots of putters have weights you can swap in and out to make the putter heavier or lighter. The Spider GT Max adjusts the weight differently, featuring sole weights that slide.

How many putters have sliding weights? Off the top of my head, I am saying “none.” Sure, it is possible that I am forgetting a putter that has weight tracks like this new Spider but I don’t think so. I’ve rolled a lot of putters in my day and I believe what TaylorMade has done with the Spider GT Max is unique.

Why Slide the Weights?

What do these sliding weights do? Well, they move the weight around in the putter head. Obviously. Maybe the question becomes, “What does moving the weight around in the putter head do?”

In a word, change. When you change the weight position, you change how the putter performs. Weights forward will make the face close faster. Moving the weights to the back will slow down face rotation. Why does this matter? Think about your misses.

If you miss left, the face is closing too fast so you’d want to slow down the rotation. Is your miss to the right? Then the face needs to close faster. (If you miss left and right, you need a putting lesson.)

Basically, the Spider GT Max allows you to fit the putter to your stroke by adjusting the weight positions. As the heel and toe weights work independently, you could also set them where one is forward and one is rearward in the head. There are five labeled positions on each of the SpiderTracks/WeightWebs/VenomTroughs, leading to all kinds of weight position options.

Truth be told, I was having a bit of fun with those names. Near as I know, the weight tracks are yet unnamed. How can TaylorMade drop the whopper of a term “Fargiveness” on the Stealth 2 and not name these something cool?

Do the Weight Webs actually work?

I, too, wondered if moving the weights in the Spider GT Max would have a noticeable effect. TaylorMade says it did with their testers but I had to try it for myself.

In my garage, I have a 10-foot Tour Links practice green on which I have rolled thousands of putts. Probably tens of thousands. I have had the green for a decade.

My usual practice round consists of six balls since that is the number that fits in the cup. Not to get into all the weight permutations that I tried but changing the weight changed the putter. All outcomes were possible with the Spider GT Max. I made all six putts, missed all six and made a few out of six. As it turned out, some weight set-ups fit my stroke and some definitely did not.

Due to the never-ending California rain this January, my outside rolls were less frequent but they produced the same overall results. Basically, I was way more accurate with the weights in some positions than others.

How do you know where to position the weights?

There are two ways to dial in your Spider GT Max. First, work with a fitter at the shop. This is probably the most time-effective way to find your settings.

The second option is to tinker with the putter on your own. Personally, this is the option I am going with as I love the exploration process. I know the best weight configuration is there. I just have to find it.

Weight position is something you must consider when trying this putter out in the shop. If you don’t like how it feels or performs, ask the salesperson to adjust the weight position. Or just bring a T15 Torx wrench and clandestinely do it yourself. When you move the weights, you change the putter. TaylorMade blew no smoke with that claim.

TaylorMade Spider GTX and GT Max Pricing and Availability

These new Spiders are both an extension and an explosion of previous Spider designs. If interested in the Spider GTX, you can order your TaylorMade Spider GTX today, Jan. 19. The GTX will arrive in shops Feb. 24 with a MSRP of $349. Hopefully, your local shop will have all six color options with all of the hosel options as well. I didn’t mention it but there will also be an armlock version of the Spider GTX at 40 or 42 inches. The MySpider GTX putters will be available online only at TaylorMade for $420.

The availability of the Spider GT Max and its 40-gram tungsten Weight Webs is currently listed as “late spring.” The Spider GT Max will come only in silver with a single-bend or slant hosel. MSRP is listed as $449 for this Spider.

Did any of these Spiders bite ya? Do you like that the new weighting in the Spider GTX will make it feel more like a Spider Tour? Are you counting on your fingers how many ways you could position the weights in the Spider GT Max? I can attest that playing around with the weights is fun and fascinating. It may take a bit of time but I am going to get the Spider GT Max dialed in for my stroke.

Find out more about the new 2023 TaylorMade Spider putters at TaylorMadeGolf.com

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