• Titleist has added the T Grind to its Vokey SM9 retail lineup.
  • The T Grind is a popular low-bounce option on Tour (and with MyGolfSpy staff).
  • Lightweight shaft options have been added to the lineup.
  • Availability begins March 10.

a photo of a Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind Wedge

Filed under “It’s about damned time” or perhaps more eloquently under “Finally!”, Titleist and Vokey have made the glaringly obvious (to me anyway) decision to add the low-bounce T Grind to the Vokey SM9 retail lineup.

Because the design parameters are the same as other SM9 wedges, we’re not going to rehash the particulars here, though it wouldn’t hurt my feelings if you wanted to read all the details of the Vokey SM9 lineup here.

As far as the T Grind itself is concerned, if you haven’t heard of it, it’s an exceedingly popular grind on the PGA TOUR. To date, Vokey has made the T Grind available only through its custom WedgeWorks program.

The retail offering of the Vokey SM9 T Grind is much the same as what you’d find through WedgeWorks. It’s available in 58 and 60 degrees, both with four degrees of bounce. The SM9 T Grind solidly qualifies as a low-bounce option and, for all intents and purposes, should play as the lowest-bounce wedge on the market today.

Vokey T Grind Versus Other Low-Bounce Wedges

A view of the sole relief on a Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind wedge

With that, the closest points of comparison within the Vokey SM9 lineup will be to the L Grind and the low-bounce K.

The simple explanation of the difference is that the Titleist Vokey T Grind wedge is designed to offer the ultimate in versatility around the green. In addition to low bounce in a general sort of way, the T Grind has a crescent-shaped sole with a wider back flange.

Compared to L, the T’s leading edge hugs the ground a bit more tightly while more aggressive relief in heel, toe and trailing edge grinds help it sit low to the ground, even when the face is open.

The L Grind (also with four degrees of bounce) doesn’t sit as low to the ground in the square position and, because it doesn’t have heel and trailing-edge relief of the T Grind, it sits off the ground when open.

There’s give-and-take here as the L Grind is slightly less prone to digging which I suppose makes the case that it’s the more forgiving of the two and is, by and large, the reason it has been in the lineup all along and the T Grind hasn’t.

A closeup of the toe stamp on a Titleist SM9 T Grind wedge

If you’re looking for low bounce and seldom, if ever, open the face, you likely still want the L Grind.

The low-bounce K Grind is a different kind of animal. It features a wide cambered sole that spreads bounce across the entirety of the sole. It’s a solid choice for bunker play (though I contend the T Grind is underrated from the sand) and for golfers looking for a more forgiving (with respect to turf interaction) low-bounce option.

If you’re thinking hard about a Vokey SM9 T Grind wedge, you’re probably not thinking about a low-bounce K Grind wedge.

Vokey T Grind Fitting

a photo of a 60-degree Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind Wedge

The fitting textbook will tell you a low-bounce wedge (and the Titleist Vokey T Grind is about as low as it gets) is ideal for golfers with shallow attack angles or those who play in firm conditions.

All true.

But, as I’ve pointed out before, the course doesn’t care about your attack angle and so, unless you’re handy with a foot wedge, you pretty much have to play what it gives you. With that in mind, I’m a big believer in mixing a variety of bounce options across your wedges.

You may not need a Vokey T Grind but some kind of low-bounce wedge isn’t a bad tool to have in the box.

I’d also point out that while fitting manuals seldom address such things, if your course is less than pristine and you find yourself with uneven, bare or any other variety of less than lush lies, the T Grind can be a “get out of jail free” card.

The T-Grind might also be the ultimate short-side wedge.

a photo of a 60-degree Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind Wedge leaning on a GolfMechanix lie loft gauge

That said, when the course is playing a little bit (or a lot) soft, the T Grind can get you into trouble faster than a road trip to Tijuana (make sure you keep some cash in your shoes, I’m told).

When it gets wet, I leave mine in the trunk. Horses for courses, as they say.

I’m not saying you absolutely need a Vokey T Grind but it’s definitely something to think about if you play in firm conditions or on courses with sub-optimal grass coverage.

Vokey SM9 T Grind Pricing and Availability

The Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind wedge will be available in 58.04 and 60.04 in Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black finish. A raw finish is available through custom only.

In-store availability starts March 10. Retail price is $179 for steel and $195 for graphite (which is the same as other Vokey SM9 wedges).

Titleist Vokey SM9 Lightweight options

The mitsubishi tensei shafts that are a stock option for Titleist Vokey SM9 Lightweight option wedges

Also part of what I guess we should call the Vokey SM9 line extension is the addition of in-store (aka “off-the-rack”) lightweight shaft options for slow to moderate swing speed players.

It’s a nod to the reality that a sizeable percentage of golfers play sub-100-gram shafts in their irons so it probably doesn’t make much sense to have 120-plus-gram shafts in their wedges.

Specs, Pricing and Availability

Titleist Vokey SM9 lightweight-option wedges are available in three finish options: Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black

The available loft/bounce combinations include:

  • KBS Tour Lite 95 (Wedge): 50.08F | 52.08F |54.10S | 56.08M | 56.10S | 56.12D | 58.14K | 60.12D
  • Tensei AM2 Red (Regular): 50.08F | 52.08F |54.10S | 56.10S | 58.14K | 60.12D
  • Tensei AM2 Red (Ladies): 52.08F | 54.10S | 56.10S | 58.14K | 60.12D

The KBS Tour Lite is the stock steel shaft for Titleist Vokey SM9 Lightweight option wedges

Retail price is $179 steel and $295 graphite. Availability beings March 10.

For more information on the Titleist Vokey SM9 T Grind or SM9 lightweight options, visit Vokey.com.

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