• TaylorMade adds three new models to the Spider GT mallet putter line.
  • These new models feature new hosels including center-shafted hosel and a return of the Truss hosel.
  • Only available online at TaylorMadeGolf.com with a MSRP of $349.99

TaylorMade’s Stealthy Spider GT Release

Did you know TaylorMade recently added three new models to their popular Spider GT putter line? It’s all right if you answered “no.”  In fact, these three new Spiders released with such minimal fanfare that most people don’t know they exist.

Perhaps TaylorMade didn’t promote these putters as extensively as usual since they are only available online at the TaylorMade site. Maybe the United States was not the target market since two of the putters are listed as “Japan Issue.” Thankfully, they are still available for purchase online in the United States.

Ultimately, the reason for their subtle roll-out is immaterial. The good news is that I can share these new Spider GT putters with you today. Truth be told, they are interesting takes on the Spider GT. One has a neck that will be immediately popular with some of you and the other two Spiders revive some almost forgotten 2020 TaylorMade putter technology.


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Quick Recap: TaylorMade’s 2022 Spider GT

Let’s recap the nuts and bolts of the 2022 TaylorMade Spider GT putter. The Spider GT was a significant design departure from previous Spider models. Historically, Spider mallets featured an overall boxy profile. The Spider GT had more of a wing shape. The anodized aluminum crown on the top still gave the Spider GT a continuous appearance at address. However, when you look underneath the Spider GT, you see the wing-like design where all the mass was pushed to the edges. The combination of wings and added weights pushed 82 percent of the Spider GT’s total weight to the perimeter.

The 2022 Spider GT also featured TaylorMade’s multi-material Pure Roll2 insert where angled metal bars are integrated with the urethane polymer. The putter was offered in four colors with either a single-bend or short slant hosel. Color and hosel options increased with the MySpider GT design interface but there was one hosel option that many of you felt was missing.

TaylorMade Spider GT Center Shaft

TaylorMade either held back this Spider GT or they listened to your requests. Regardless, the first of our new Spiders is the Spider GT Center Shaft. If you are looking for a face-balanced putter where the shaft sits right behind the ball, then this is the Spider GT for you.

From the short sight line to the aluminum crown, the Spider GT Center Shaft matches the other Spider GT models in every design element. The difference—and it’ll be a big one for some golfers—is the central shaft position.

It is unfortunate that these are only offered online, as I bet some of you are center-shaft curious. There are a few other center-shafted putters in shops these days, though. Perhaps those will help you decide if this hosel set-up is right for you.

I know some of you are over the moon about the new center-shaft option. Not to downplay that excitement, but while the new design is cool, it’s not really newsworthy. Honestly, if that was the only new Spider GT released, then I could understand TaylorMade’s lack of release promotion. Adding a center-shaft option is great but not really all that earth-shattering for many putter shoppers.

Remember, though, that there are two other new Spider GT models. These do shake the ground a bit more by bringing back a seemingly discarded 2020 putter technology.

The Return of Truss

Welcome to the dawning of the Truss Spider! While one could overlook the release of a center-shaft, the incorporation of the Truss design into the Spider GT should have had more attention. This is the first time we’ve seen the Truss design in a Spider putter.

While most of us have completely blocked out 2020 from our memories, you likely recall TaylorMade’s Truss hosel design.

What was the Truss design all about? Though I may be oversimplifying things, the Truss hosel was developed to increase stability by adding an additional attachment point between the head and the shaft. By building a triangle between the corners of the face and the shaft, the Truss hosel supported the usually unsupported toe end of the face. This additional connection point improved stability.

Though TaylorMade released both mallets and blades with the Truss hosel, they did not incorporate the Truss hosel into a Spider head—until now, that is.

TaylorMade Spider GT TM1

The Spider GT TM1 features the smaller of the two Truss hosel designs. This smaller hosel anchors more to the heel of the putter. Doing so causes the TM1 to have a touch of toe hang so it fits more of an arcing putting stroke. This version is likely going to play more like the slant-neck version in terms of stroke.

Remember, though, that the whole point of the Truss hosel is to improve stability. Though the TM1 should feel like a slant-neck Spider GT when you swing it, the Truss hosel should improve strike stability, especially on off-center hits.

TaylorMade Spider GT TM2

The Truss hosel is significantly wider with the Spider GT TM2. This time, you have the anchor points connecting on opposite sides of the center of the putter. This accomplishes two things. First, it moves the shaft toward the middle of the putter. The TM2 feels very similar to the Spider GT center-shaft in terms of matching a straighter putting stroke. The two strike me as similar at address as well.

The Truss Performance

As I said, I was surprised to see the Truss hosel return. Looking at the 2020 Most Wanted Mallet and Most Wanted Blade results, it is tough to label the Truss hosel as a groundbreaking putter technology. The TaylorMade TM1 Truss mallet scored in the middle of the pack. It was a solid performer at five and 10 feet but struggled from 20 feet. I would expect the stability increase to be most beneficial with the more forceful swings needed for long putts.

The TB1 Truss blade placed seventh overall but the TB2 Truss blade came in 27th. I’m not going to discount the Truss design but the benefit seems to vary with head design. The TB1 Truss hosel sat toward the heel of the head. The TB2 Truss was toward the center. Perhaps with the Spider GT we will see an optimum interface of the head shape and Truss hosel.

The Truss Aesthetic

One of the marvels of the original Truss putters was the way that TaylorMade designed the hosels so that they nearly disappeared at address. These putters looked very atypical from all angles except when you look down at it behind the ball.

This would be my area of concern for the two Spider GT putters with the Truss hosels. While the overall black color scheme helps the hosel blend in, it is definitely still there. You can’t help but see it at address. This may be a deal breaker for some. I think the TM2 looks more balanced at address but I do wish the design extended the hosel to the edges. That would help it vanish like it did in the 2020 Truss models.

Spider GT Expands By Three

Overall, I think the Spider GT roster expansion is a good move by TaylorMade. Obviously, the center-shafted Spider GT is going to be a hit with its target market. Granted, the price of $349.99 may taste a little bitter since the other Spider GT models now are discounted to $249.99. I imagine center-shafted enthusiasts will not balk much at the extra cost since they can finally get the design they have been waiting for. Unfortunately, center-shaft has not yet been added to the MySpider GT list of options.

Though I think the address aesthetics of the Spider GT TM1 and TM2 are going to be polarizing, I love that TaylorMade released these putters! Perhaps this represents the beginning of a new plan where small runs of experimental designs are released exclusively in the online environment. This way, TaylorMade can release some new putter ideas to consumers, bypassing the usual marketing plan (and expense). Maybe you are not going to drop the $349.99 for either one of these; maybe you can’t wait to do just that.

Regardless, the fact that TaylorMade produced these atypical Spider GT designs is fantastic and something I hope they keep doing in the future with other atypical designs.

Check out all the TaylorMade putter options at TaylorMadeGolf.com.

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